Penguin Yoga Pose & Benefit: A Close Relation to Pigeon Pose

In the extensive repertoire of yoga asanas, you’ll find a number of animal-named poses. From Downward Facing Dog to Cat-Cow and from Cobra to Eagle, each animal-inspired pose has its unique set of benefits and challenges. In the spirit of this beautiful connection with nature, today we will explore the “Penguin Yoga Pose”, a playful and rejuvenating asana that’s often compared to the well-known Pigeon Pose.

What is the Penguin Yoga Pose?

The Penguin Yoga Pose is a restorative pose that copies a penguin’s pose. It is not as well known as some of the other asanas. It consists of standing upright, maintaining balance, and simulating penguin movement to develop body coordination, balance, and mindfulness.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Sanskrit: एक पाद राजकपोतासन; IAST: Eka Pāda Rājakapotāsana), Rajakapotasana, or [One-legged] King Pigeon Pose[1]  is a seated back-bending asana in modern yoga as exercise.

How to Do Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

This pose is an embodiment of a penguin’s inherent grace and poise. Like its counterpart, the Pigeon Pose, the Penguin Pose encourages flexibility, balance, and mindfulness.

How to do Pigeon Pose

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform the Pigeon Pose, or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, in yoga:

  1. Start in Downward-Facing Dog: Begin on all fours, with your hands slightly forward of your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. Press into your hands, lift your hips, and straighten your legs.
  2. Bring your right knee forward: From Downward-Facing Dog, lift your right leg into the air, then bring the knee forward towards your right hand. Place your right ankle near your left wrist.
  3. Position your right leg: Lower your right hip onto the mat or a supportive cushion. Your right knee should be angled outward and your right foot should be in front of your left hip. The more parallel your right shin is to the front of the mat, the more intense the hip opener will be.
  4. Extend your left leg: Stretch your left leg out behind you, ensuring your kneecap and the top of your foot are resting on the mat.
  5. Adjust your hips: Try to keep your hips level and square to the front of the mat. If your right hip is raised, place a yoga block or folded blanket under it for support.
  6. Position your upper body: Initially, you can keep your torso upright, lengthening your spine and drawing your shoulders down. If you feel comfortable, you can fold forward over your right leg, extending your arms out in front of you on the mat.
  7. Hold and breathe: Remain in this pose for 5-10 breaths or as long as comfortable, ensuring you maintain a steady, even breath.
  8. Switch sides: Press back into Downward-Facing Dog and repeat the process with your left leg forward.

Pigeon Pose Variations

Pigeon practice (Sanskrit: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) 02 is a famous yoga practice that extends your hips and lower back.

There are many variations of Pigeon Pose, but the most common forms include:

  • Classic Pigeon Pose
  • Resting Pigeon Pose
  • King Pigeon Pose

Each variation presents different stretches and degrees of difficulty.

Because Pigeon Pose demands considerable flexibility, you should warm up before attempting it. In general, the following stances will help you prepare for Pigeon Pose:

  • Downward-Facing Dog
  • Cat-Cow
  • Thread the Needle
  • Child’s Pose
  • Sphinx Pose

After your warmup, begin with Classic Pigeon Pose, then Resting Pigeon Pose, and finally King Pigeon Pose. This sequence will progressively prepare your body for stronger versions, preventing injury and assisting you in doing the posture correctly.

Penguin Pose Benefits

The Penguin Pose brings a fun and unique element to your yoga practice, but it also offers a plethora of health benefits:

1. Improved Balance and Stability: Penguin Pose requires maintaining balance on your toes, which helps to strengthen your legs and core, enhancing overall stability.

2. Enhanced Focus: It demands deep concentration, enhancing your mental focus and mindfulness.

3. Coordination and Agility: It improves coordination and agility as you try to mimic the waddling motion of a penguin.

4. Cardiovascular Health: This pose, particularly when incorporated into a flow sequence, can provide a mild cardiovascular workout.

5. Emotional Well-being: The playful nature of the pose promotes joy and mindfulness, enhancing overall emotional well-being.

Risks of Pigeon Pose

While Pigeon Pose is typically considered safe, performing it too intensely, or beyond your body’s capabilities, could heighten the risk of injury.

Those who have chronic hip, knee, or lower back pain should avoid Pigeon Pose unless directed by a healthcare expert. Individuals who are pregnant or have mild to serious musculoskeletal injuries should also visit their doctor first.

There is growing concern that Pigeon Pose may overstretch the gluteal tendons, which connect the outer hip bones. This could potentially damage these tendons over time, leading to hip-related disorders.

Another common issue is many people’s inability to align their shin parallel to the front of their yoga mat, leading them to fold their shins excessively toward their bodies. This could eventually result in knee injury, due to the added pressure on the knees.

One useful strategy for reducing these hazards is to place a folded towel beneath your right buttock and thigh. This adjustment can improve hip and knee alignment, reducing pressure and injury risk.

Furthermore, you can seek assistance from a certified yoga instructor, who can offer advice or modifications to the pose. In the end, if Pigeon Pose causes continuous pain or discomfort, it would be wise to abstain from it.

The Connection to Pigeon Pose

The Penguin Pose, despite the name, is more of a standing balance pose rather than a hip-opening pose like the Pigeon Pose. However, these two poses do share certain benefits such as promoting balance, focus, and mindfulness.

Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) is a deep hip opener and forward bend with multiple variations to suit a range of levels from beginner to advanced. It stretches the hip flexors and hip extensors, stimulates internal organs, and can improve posture, alignment, and overall flexibility.

The primary benefits of Pigeon Pose include:

1. Opens the Hips: Pigeon pose targets hip flexors and hip rotators making it one of the most effective hip openers in the world of yoga.

2. Stretches the Thighs, Glutes, and Psoas: These muscle groups often hold stress and tension. The pigeon pose allows for their deep relaxation and stretching.

3. Balances the Lower Chakras: The pigeon pose is believed to balance the first two chakras, Muladhara (Root) and Svadhisthana (Sacral), which can improve emotional stability and connection.

4. Enhances Focus and Calm: As with all yoga poses, the act of focusing on breath and alignment can help calm the mind and reduce stress, anxiety, and mental clutter.


1. How does the Penguin Yoga Pose get its name?

The Penguin Yoga Pose gets its name due to its resemblance to the stance of a penguin. It involves standing upright, maintaining balance on your toes, and swaying side to side, much like a penguin does.

2. Is the Penguin Pose suitable for yoga beginners?

Yes, the Penguin Pose is suitable for beginners. It is a straightforward pose that involves balance and controlled movement. However, beginners should take it slow and listen to their bodies. Remember, you can always use a wall for support if you’re having trouble maintaining balance.

3. What should I do if I can’t maintain balance in the Penguin Pose?

If you’re struggling with balance, it’s okay to use props or wall support. With practice, your balance will improve. Remember, the aim of yoga is not perfection, but progress and mindful practice.

4. How does the Penguin Pose differ from the Pigeon Pose?

While the Penguin Pose and Pigeon Pose share some benefits such as promoting balance, focus, and mindfulness, they target different areas of the body. The Penguin Pose is a standing balance pose that strengthens the legs and core, whereas the Pigeon Pose is a seated asana that provides a deep stretch for the hip flexors and hip extensors.

5. Can I do the Penguin Pose if I have knee issues?

It’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or a certified yoga instructor before trying any new poses if you have pre-existing conditions. Depending on your knee issues, modifications or alternative poses might be suggested.


Whether you’re waddling in Penguin Pose or folding into Pigeon, yoga offers endless possibilities to explore your body, mind, and spirit. Each pose has its unique benefits and charm. Remember, the goal of yoga is not to achieve the perfect pose but to connect with yourself and create a sense of inner peace and balance.

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